A soft performance fabric that's cool to touch, designed to evaporate 50% more moisture than cotton and neutralise odour with silver ion technology. Silver ions prevent the bacteria responsible for bad smells from growing, stopping odour and staying fresher for longer. The unique properties of our PurMA fabric means that you can wear more, and wash less, improving tee longevity. This advanced technology is integrated into the fabric, so freshness is built-in for life.

Technical Properties

anti-smell: Silver ion technology

PurMA undergoes an additional anti-microbial treatment during our manufacturing process. Silver ions are infused into our fabric for anti-microbial properties. These ions inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that you stay fresher for longer. Wear more, wash less.


Modal fabric, derived from beech trees, is silky soft and breathable. This eco-friendly and sustainable fabric offers moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for any conditions.

Modal fibers create a moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The breathability of our fabric allows for effective ventilation, preventing the build-up of heat during any workout. Modal is silkier and 50% more moisture wicking than cotton.

Modal is also renowned for its durability. Together with elastane, PurMA ensures that your tees will maintain their shape and won't shrink, workout after workout, and wash after wash.

PurMA: 95% Modal, 5% Elastane

Fabric Weight (GSM)

Fabric weight (GSM) directly affects the performance characteristics and functionality. A lower GSM (120-180GSM) gives the barely-there lightweight feeling and less coverage. Higher GSM (240-320GSM) provides more coverage and gives a comfortable draping feeling.

PurMA: 260GSM

  • Awesome Shirts!

    Bought two to test them out. After wearing them for a week or so I ordered another two! Love the fabric and how easy it is to wear! Would be keen to see white one released

    - MARK

  • Great tee, great colour

    The perfect tee - soft and comfortable, wicks away sweat and never smells. I can wear if for several workouts before washing. Will be back for more.

    - DANIEL

  • Amazing quality

    I bought 2 for my husband and I was shocked at how good the quality was when they arrived! I will definitely be ordering more! They do look ever so slightly on the small side. My husband usually buys a medium but can also wear a large in some brands so I went with the large and I think that was as a good choice.

    - BROOKE

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