We prioritise quality during our manufacturing process, however there is still a small percentage of produced items with minor imperfections that don't meet our quality standards. We love our designs, but we also love the environment and want to minimise the negative impact the fashion industry can have. So instead of discarding these items, where they will either be burnt, up-cycled with wastage, or end up in landfill, we are offering them at a reduced price.

Discarded fabric and thrown-out clothes have a significant impact on the environment. Although all of our fabrics are produced with non-toxic processes, discarding any textiles can take up space in landfills for years, contributing to environmental degradation and pollution, which can harm both human and animal health. We strive to help conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Imperfections that don't meet our quality standards may include items with minor flaws in stitching, minor colour discrepancies, or other minor defects. We've included photos of these flaws in the product listings.