Our 'Why'

Our 'Why'

Every one of our items are carefully designed to be part of a versatile, expressive wardrobe that's designed at the intersection of training comfort and self expression.

We believe in using premium fabrics to create timeless essentials and statement pieces that are made to last. Conscious about reducing waste, we produce in limited quantities which means sizes sell fast! Invest in yourself.

Confidence creates opportunity + builds empires

It sounds cliche, but so much can be achieved if you believe that you can do it, and then work hard to actually do it - small step by small step. How many goals and dreams are left unachieved because of self doubt? How many times have you not even started something new because you've failed at something else before? Or let someone else discourage you.

The difference between failure and success is having the confidence to believe that you can do it, and the perseverence to keep going.

Confidence makes all the difference. And it comes from how you think and feel about yourself.

Clothes, on their own, can't make things happen. But the people wearing them can. This is the focus of all of our designs. Pieces that inspire confidence.

The meaning behind our name: Alpha Fortis

We wanted to create a brand that prioritises quality and style, and inspires confidence. That whenever you wear it or think about it, it makes you want to become a stronger/better version of yourself. 

Because when you are confident in yourself, you can achieve things more easily than when you're doubting yourself. When you are confident, you can be proud of what you've achieved and still learn from others, learn from your mistakes and use those learnings to become the best version of yourself.

Stand for who you are and who you want to be. Commit to the life you want.

Our name stands for confidence and strength.

Strength in who you are and who you want to be, but still being humble. No one is lesser. We can learn something from everyone. And there is always something more to learn.

Be proud. Be hungry for more. Be open to learn from others and pay it forward.

We want to help everyone live their best lives so they can do the same for others. We want to create a community where everyone is crushing it in their own way. The society of Alpha Fortis is a utopia — Helpful, creative, strong, happy, healthy, hardworking and wealthy (time to do the things you love with the people you love).

Our triangle

The base of a triangle makes it the strongest shape for support. We all need to build on a strong base/support. Without it, everything will eventually collapse.

Show up every day and take steps towards whatever it is you want to achieve. Consistency and perseverance. Day by day, you will focus more on what makes you happy and build on the support/base you started with.

The spacing in our logo represents the mistakes you need to make. Without mistakes, you won’t learn. The mistakes need to be at the base so you can build on them. As you grow and learn more, the mistakes you make will become more refined and in line with who you are becoming.

Make mistakes. Build a solid foundation. Do the things that make you happy. Not what makes everyone else happy. Do what you love and create a life you love.

It's your life. Make sure when you're laying there remembering it, you did everything you wanted.⁠


Designed in Brisbane, Australia, all collections are ethically and environmentally conscious. Our premium fabrics adhere to OEKO-TEX 100 and our manufacturing processes ensure that our collections don't come at the cost of someone else's livelihood. We are phasing out hang tags on newer collections to reduce waste and all of our packaging is recycled or biodegradable. Fashion should be sustainable.
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