Our 'Why'

⁠Our mission is to inspire health, courage and self-confidence in every person. 

We want to end forgotten goals because of fear. We want to end depression because of self-doubt and self-hate. We want to end chronic morbidity because of unhealthy habits. 

Our mission is to start small ripples of inspirational change and bring together people who will continue it. 

Together, we can create tsunamis.

From humble beginnings

We know what it’s like to live week-by-week, making Wheat Bix or a bag of rice into as many different meals as possible. We know what it’s like to have a dream that feels way too big for you, with a monolithic barrier in the way. And we know what it’s like to ignore this, to work on self-doubt (and ignore other people’s doubt!) and work tirelessly for it anyway.

Alpha Fortis was seeded from a savings account and built in the small hours around multiple jobs. We’ve worked tirelessly so that we can help others. We want to see people’s faces when they put on our gear and feel a bit more self-love or feel strong enough to smash a gym workout. We want to continue bringing a smile to everyone's faces and see everyone step up, face their monolithic barrier and go for their scariest goal. 

We couldn’t understand why brands would charge extra without giving extra, why brands would charge for quality they just didn’t deliver. We were sick of seeing brands jump on marketing trends to increase their revenue, instead of promoting healthy habits and healthy mindsets (despite sometimes being the unpopular opinion).

Stand for what’s right, not what’s popular.

We believe that you have a responsibility—as a brand, as an individual—to make a positive impact and to give back.

We’re a small team, but we’re overflowing with passion. We put everything we have into creating fashion that you’ll love wearing. Every fabric choice, every seam, every zipper; we care about how durable it is, how it sits on you, and—most importantly—how you’ll feel wearing it.

How are we changing the world?

Our mission is to create high quality fashion that you love wearing, so you feel confident to take on adversity. To face fear, head on. To stand up for what you believe in and do better than yesterday.

Our mission is to inspire a better world.

We believe that a small change in confidence has a big effect on what you believe you can achieve. Confidence comes from having a healthy body and a healthy mindset. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you feel confident to take on anything. You feel inspired to take on challenges, to take on your goals, to hit the gym, to enjoy dessert (without punishing yourself – life is to be enjoyed!).

Every small contribution to self-love adds up, and it starts with how you treat yourself.

A L P H A - bringing the best version of yourself everyday so that you won't let fear or self-doubt make your decisions and so that, oneday, you'll feel confident to pay it forward

F O R T I S - being the strongest (healthy and happy) you can be with strong supportive morals so that you can crush your own goals and help others crush theirs. Not only encouraging yourself (words matter!) but encouraging others.

You never know who you are inspiring, just by being you.

We want to leave a positive legacy

Not just from our vision, but in how we create change. 

The fashion industry creates an incredible amount of waste and is renowned for unethical manufacturing. We’re doing our part to help stop this. 

We create high quality fashion that you love wearing, so you won’t want to throw it out, contributing to landfill.  We only use environmentally conscious factories that treat their workers fairly; we don’t want fashion to come at the cost of someone else’s livelihood. We’re also conscious of our brand’s waste footprint: all of our gear comes in biodegradable packaging and we use recycled components where we can.

Everything we do is to inspire a better world. So that the world we’re living in not just today, but 100, 200 – 500 years down the track is still a place we want to live in.

What will be your legacy?

How are you going to change the world?